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The team:



 Adelaide    Obrié


Artistic Director / Graphic Designer / Marketing Strategy


"Passionate about images and food since I was little: my Berchet kitchen, food packaging of all kinds and fake slices of bread and cheese were my paradise!


I quickly moved from fake food to real food, a great lifelong passion that has never left me since. (go see @ecosystemesumami on Instagram, my treasure chest).


And image, I made my studies and my profession, first in Applied Arts, then in Fashion Design, then and more recently, in a strategic version, digital marketing project management.”

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Romain Marcille


Web project manager / account manager


"Specialized in the coordination of digital projects, my main goal is to turn your ideas into visual experiences.


With a collaborative approach, my mission is to turn your concepts into reality, ensuring that every aspect of the project is carefully planned and executed.

I’m here to help bring your vision to life and work together to evolve your online presence."

Romain will lead your project masterfully! Commercial at heart and crazy about paintings of all kinds, he will plan, manage and design your project in all its complexity and singularity. 

From Dijon and all around the world, we support you in your business creation or image redesign projects:


Logo, visual identity, branding, naming, positioning strategy and marketing strategy, management and design of web projects, action plans and communication social networks, 2D and 3D illustration and animation services according to your objectives and needs. 

We give each project a unique and original dimension by imagining with you creative strategies specific to your values that will ignite the senses and delight hearts.

Studio Liqueur is the summary of our careers, lives of passions, it is also the love of work well done, putting the human in the foreground, involvement, rigor, fun and a lot of listening because a singular universe can only be built by feeding on the history and dreams of the one for whom it is created.


    Let's work together

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