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UX/UI (user experience / User interface)

UX and UI are two complementary dimensions of web navigation: UX (user experience) will look at the expectations, needs and behavior of the user by analyzing their feelings and emotions during their navigation journey. The objective will be to focus on the user themselves to offer them an optimal, pleasant and intuitive experience. It will be a question of understanding its needs, its obstacles, its blocking points in order to optimize its navigation and respond to its problems.

Then, the UI will look at the visual aspect of the website, this is in some ways the tip of the iceberg, we will mainly talk here about optimization of user interaction with the interface, ergonomics , a visual universe that will promote user engagement and encourage them to browse an attractive platform.

deadline to be assessed according to project | payment in 2 installments: 50% upon signature of the quote, balance upon delivery. 

The UX and UI services can be requested separately, it is possible to add the UI service to the creation of the visual identity)

In details:  

UX part

  • A questionnaire

  • restitution of the audit with the strengths and obstacles (user behavior analysis, user questionnaire)

  • restitution digital benchmark 3 competitors

  • the creation of 2 personas with their user journey (user journey)

  • a new tree structure for your site

UI part

  • restitution of the audit with the strong points and the obstacles

  • digital benchmark restitution 3 UI-oriented competitors

  • main screen wireframes

  • mockups of the main screens with graphic adjustments

  • follow-up with developer/integrator

The different steps:

Identifying your needs:

In order to best understand your project, your needs, objectives and issues, we will start with a call or video to discuss your project and what drives it in person. Following this contact, I will send you a questionnaire to find out your intentions, the values of your company, its history, and what problems you wish to resolve.   

Research and analysis of user problems:

When your problems and objectives are clear, we will look at the side of your userss: Who are they? How are they using your platform? Through what communication channels do they arrive? What are their needs, their obstacles and their blocking points? 

We will answer all these questions by analyzing their behavior, the KPIs that we have at our disposal (key performance indicators), setting up an online questionnaire, etc.)

Digital benchmark:

I will also benchdigital mark of direct and indirect competing platforms. From this benchmark will be drawn your strong points and your weak points as well as the good initiatives of these platforms to put in place.  

Audit feedback:

All the information collected in the previous steps will allow me to clearly identify the blocking points and improvements that will meet the needs of your users and your objectives. 

I will develop 2 personas (typical user / ideal customer: Age, CSP, gender, consumption habits, preferred navigation terminals, etc) as well as their user journey (user journey and interactions on your platform, their entry to exit).

New tree structure:

Using all of these elements, I will build a new structure of your platform that will meet the needs of our users. The tree structure of your site is constructed asa reversed family tree: it will start from the home page and will branch into several categories from which the pages will flow according to their order of importance.

The tree structure is decisive in the user journey (UX) and in natural referencing on search engines. This will allow our users to know where to look, locate important elements and be able to move from one page to another logically.

UI phase: design and graphic design:

We will then be able to move on to creating wireframes: (re)construction of your pages including only the locations of interaction elements, titles, textual and visual content... this will give us an overall vision of the construction of the pages. (1 touch-up / adjustment included)

Then I will move on to graphic constructionof the interface by creating the mockups of your main pages, they will give you the real preview of what they will look like. (1 touch-up / adjustment included)

Finally, I will follow up on the integration with your developer/integrator. 


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