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BCBG sandwich shop




Branding, Visual Identity, communication supports



Branding / visual identity / graphic environment for BCBG. 

The heart mascot was perfect for this sandwich shop which advocates locavorism, seasonal products, and responsible and human values.
The client wanted an impactful identity that could be easily adapted to various media in a palette of bright, pop colors that will be found in the interior design of the place. 

The branding is intended to be playful and fun, the graphic universe is visually attractive and impactful for optimal communication on social networks.   

The graphic environment is a library of illustrations which shows the different dishes and products that will be served in the restaurant. 

stickers branding sandwicherie take away mascotte
packaging design restaurant take away branding
carte de visite design création restaurant sandwich take away
mock up design communication restaurant
illustration iconographie communication restaurant sandwicherie take away
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