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Chocolate factory
The Panacea


Chocolaterie La Panacée



Branding, Visual Identity, packaging, communication supports


Branding for La Panacée chocolate factory, artisanal, responsible and ethical confection of bean-to-bar chocolate bars and point of sale / tasting / coffee-shop. 

The chosen orientation is a strong, colorful and impactful identity, identifiable and memorable,The core target being Millennials and Gen Z, young urbanites/parents sensitive to brand image and values.

 Studio Liqueur proposed a mascot inspired by the hand that makes, that teaches and that indicates its presence in a benevolent way like a guide, ("panacea" meaning "universal remedy"), surrounded on both sides by cocoa pods.

The artistic direction is thought out in its entirety with a proposal of textures and colors for the interior design of the point of sale.


packaging création motif tablette chocolat
carte de visite design mise en page logo
creation tablette chocolat motif illustration
design création logo emballage marque chocolat
design illustration emballage tablette chocolat
création enseigne logo devanture vitrine
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