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Domaine du Mont Vert


Domaine du Mont Vert





Practical case for the Mont Vert estate, a Languedoc Roussillon wine estate.

With the aim of reaching a new target / clientele, mainly in B2B: new wine cellars, dining cellars, bistronomic restaurants... the client wanted a trendy, graphic and modern image for 3 of its vintages: a red, a rosé and a white. 

The name of the vintages having been chosen by the client, the theme of the illustrations imposed itself by personifying each of the vintages by a woman, a sort of vine fairy who practices a meditation sport among the bunches of grapes. , each of the vintages having a distinct color code.

illustration bouteille vin design
illustration vin étiquette bouteille packaging
illustration graphisme vin
illustration design étiquette bouteille vin bourgogne
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