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Web design, visual identity, artistic direction, writing, recipe photography, Instagram curation

“Umami ecosystems, visual and tasty curation of taste environments and life scenes.”

Passionate about image, food and gastronomic trends, I maintain and nourish an Instagram account through a meticulously chosen curation among the most inspiring actors of the global gastronomic scene. 

I also share my cooking in stories and it was natural that I built a website to share posts, recipes and soon a map of unmissable and unforgettable places. 

The identity of Umami Ecosystems is strong and specific, we have a color code for each of the post categories in order to facilitate user navigation. 

Umami means “essence of delight” in Japanese. Umami has a long-lasting and mild aftertaste. It causes salivation and a furry feeling on the tongue.

The logo as well as the colorimetric atmosphere are inspired by this notion of “fur on the tongue”.

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