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Yum Yum, market garden


Yum Yum


Branding, Visual Identity, communication supports,




Branding, packaging, artistic direction and iconography project for the Miam Miam market garden farm, producer of organic fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs in permaculture whose foundations are "integrate instead of separating", "use diversity and enhance it", ptake care of the earth and humans, create abundance and redistribute surpluses. 

Based on these fundamental principles of permaculture and the commitments of my clients, the identity of Miam Miam had to be joyful, colorful with complementary elements responding to each other. The Miam Miam logo recalls the clutter of nature, handwritten for the work of the hands. It is accompanied by careful illustrations of fruits and vegetables, like jewels, which took time, like the product of permaculture, to come to life. Simple shapes and patterns are associated evoking the sun, seeds, pollen, whatever we want to imagine in the middle of this garden of joy which takes into account the ecosystem in its entirety.

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