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La Combine


La Combine


Visual Identity, Illustration, communication materials, artistic direction



Visual identity, network and print assets and DA for the opening of an ice cream parlor specializing in Italian ice creams in Paris.
For this project, I explored the term "Italian style" and what it summons in our collective imagination:
The logo is inspired by Italian brands from the 60s/70s with a subtle reference to Italian ice cream and its spiral flow. A handwritten font is used for the baseline, reinforcing the spirit of a local, lively and warm place...
The iconography makes direct reference to the masterpieces of antiquity and the Italian Renaissance and evokes the notions of excellence, sophistication and quality, values advocated by La Combine, both in the selection of its products (organic and/or short circuit) as well as in its taste offering: it is offered a perfect combination of two flavors to be tasted regularly, hence the name "La Combine".


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