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The Rivage farm



The shore farm

Branding, Visual identity



Practical case for the Rivage farm, located on the shores of Lake Geneva in Meillerie on the south shore. This farm is a multidisciplinary place, a joyful tavern which offers a beautiful list of natural wines as well as a cuisine made from small portions to share based on fresh and local products, like a dining cellar.

The shore farm also has two guest rooms around a global, qualitative and renowned experience which includes dinner and breakfast.

La Ferme du Rivière grows its own vegetables, aromatic herbs and orchard fruits which it uses for its catering offering and whose production it sells directly. 

The logo is worked by hand and the artistic universe is enhanced by graphic and colorful elements, inspired by Matisse's cut-out papers. 

The associated font is a sans serif, simple and modern. 

logo ferme auberge restaurant design
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