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Momoko, Japanese pastry





Branding, Visual Identity, packaging, communication supports


Practical case for Momoko, a pastry shop specializing in Japanese desserts. The name of the pastry, Momoko, which means "peach child" in Japanese, comes from the first name of the customer's granddaughter. 

The artistic orientation and editorial charter naturally focused on this little girl and her mischievous personality. It is her face which is represented on the logo of the pastry shop and we find her writing on various communication media, Momoko having been very involved in her mother's project. 

The tones chosen are soft and the graphics are very refined in contrast with the graphic intrusion of Momoko and her childish writing. 

A modern, fun and warm identity for a mother-daughter project in which each of their two personalities expresses itself and takes its place.

illustration flyer création graphique patisserie
design menu patisserie logo
design affiches patisserie création
creation packagings patisserie boulangerie
carte de visite création graphique logo
design enseign logo patisserie
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