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Piperno, Italian grocery store




Branding, Visual Identity, communication supports,




Branding, packaging,  artistic direction and iconography for Piperno, Italian grocery store in Hyères whose head office is in Rome.
The research for the identity of this grocery store started with a pencil drawing of the flagship products of the Italian grocery store: smoked scamorza, sausage, Italian peperoncino and garlic, each hanging on the end of a string, drying in the air free. Also, I naturally turned to the work of the father of Italian gastronomy Pellegrino Artusi: "La scienza in cucina e l'arte di mangiar bene" of which we find the words of the preface throughout the visual identity like a common thread. 

identité visuelle logo epicerie italienne
emballage design packaging epicerie
identité visuelle logo création epicerie
packaging produit epicerie fine italienne alimentaire
merchandising branding epicerie fine italienne
merchandising branding epicerie fine italienne
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