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Studio Liqueur, a creative approach tailored to your needs :)

candle branding visual identity lifestyle design

Development of visual identity, packaging, branding for the lifestyle brand Goods

I am often asked what my working methods are, what is important to me in the development of a project, what role the client should have in the success of their project...

To answer simply, beyond everything else, it is COMMUNICATION .

Resolutely close to its customers and their needs, Studio Liqueur attaches particular importance to listening and deeply understanding the projects we develop.

Indeed, throughout the different work phases of the project, fluid and constructive communication is CAPITAL . This is the crux of the matter!

It makes it possible to establish a bond of trust and establish a healthy working base between Studio Liqueur and its client from the kick-off of the project until its completion and delivery.

And, let's face it, it's still much more pleasant to work in a warm and cool atmosphere and that doesn't detract from the quality of the work provided, on the contrary!

For Adélaïde, artistic director of Studio Liqueur, communication is essential to the quality of the work she produces as well as to her creativity. Because the closer we are to the heart of our client's needs and vision, the more relevant, unique and impactful the artistic proposals are, in accordance with the values and the intended target .

Choosing Studio Liqueur to design and develop your branding project, visual identity, packaging for your lifestyle brand, your restaurant, your food business... means choosing proximity , expertise and a precise and relevant global vision of its project and the market for which it is developed.

Adélaïde has been working in the image, lifestyle and food industry for over 15 years. She also has a degree in marketing project management, a skill that makes a real difference and a definite asset in the relevance of propositions and brand positioning.

To summarize, the added value of Studio Liqueur is this:

- Proximity

- Creativity

- Expertise

- Global creative AND marketing vision

If you have a project in the works, questions, a need to estimate the cost and/or production time of your needs, do not hesitate to write to or fill out the form on the Contact page

See you soon :)


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