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Sagrada Lava, hot sauce


Sagrada lava


Branding, Visual Identity, communication supports,




Branding project, packaging, artistic direction and iconography for Sagrada Lava, Mexican hot sauce brand.

Sagrada lava, which means "sacred lava", instantly evokes fire, volcanoes, but also a kind of fullness and humility in the face of the power of these mountains of fire, giving them a mystical character.

The logo is a personification of a volcano that cries lava, playing on the analogy between the lava that emanates from it and the tears that rise to the eyes as a physical reflex to the capsaicin in chili peppers.

This character is accompanied by small peppers interspersed like the protectors of a divinity. 

The associated typography is bold, enclosed in very organic shapes recalling the liquid and invasive character of lava, like hot sauce. 

The color combinations are bold and lively, forming a color code for each type and recipe of sauce. 

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