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Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing has today become an essential way to reach your target, generate customers (and therefore turnover) and increase your notoriety. 

The marketing strategy of a brand or company is unique and personalized. 

Address the right target, by what means, at what time?

Studio Liqueur supports you in developing a digital marketing plan in several fundamental and decisive stages defined for your business. 

deadline according to project | payment in 2 installments: 50% upon signature of the quote, balance upon delivery

In details: 


  • A questionnairee

  • A complete marketing strategy (30/40 pages) which includes: 

  •  A small market study including the overall context / the state of your online presence / your customers / your targets (3 personas)

  • A benchmark of the digital strategy of 3 relevant competitors including a list of good practices

  • Defining strategic and operational objectives

  • SEO / SEA / SMO strategy recommendations

  • The different levers activated for the acquisition campaign with definition of KPIs and ROI (Return on Investment) calculation

  • A table of objectives and KPIs to take into account

  • A content strategy according to the channels defined and used

  • An editorial planning / Action plan

  • Definition of the editorial posture

  • Editorial calendar, action period to be defined

  • It is possible to add image and positioning recommendations to this strategy according to a quote defined in advance. 

The different steps:

Identifying your needs:

In order to best understand your project, your needs, objectives and issues, we will start with an exchange to discuss your project in person and what drives it. Following this contact, I will send you a questionnaire to find out your intentions, the values of your company, its history and to carry out an analysis of the existing situation: your presencecurrent nce on the web and the strategy put in place.  

Digital strategy:

When I have gotten to know your company, its sector of activity and its competition, identified your targets and the means of communication involved, I will begin writing the overall digital marketing strategy according to the points covered in the list of deliverables.  

Strategy presentation:

 I will present the complete strategy to you following the different phases of its development and emphasizing the important and essential points thereof. I will be happy to support you throughout its implementation according to the support methods that we will have defined.n upstream.   


   Let's work together

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